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The Labor Behind Fashion

The moral controversies in the fashion industry are primarily concerned with working condtions and environmental sustainability. It's no secret that many major fashion brands opt for shady and sometimes downright dangerous labor practices for the sake of proft. And the water-wasting effects of cotton as well as the emmisions released by producton plants manfacturing textiles such as polyester are leaving lasting impacts on the planet.

The goal behind ethical clothes shopping is to support brands that promote workers and utilize sustainabe farming practices while avoiding those who are focused only on fast fashion and who value profit over people and the planet.

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Three Ethical & Unethical Clothing Brands
Ethical Why? Unethical Why?
Zara Inditex (parent company) has started a program called Closing the Loop that lets customers drop off used clothing to be recycled or repurposed. Victoria's Secret No use of eco-friendly materials, and the company has been linked to child labor in the past.
Levi's The company has vowed to switch entrely to sustainable cotton by the year 2020. GAP Abuse of workers, especially in regards to production goals
Patagonia Partnered with Fair Trade USA to ensure ethical treatment of workers H&M Abuse of workers, very similar to GAP